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Building Trust...

Trust is the cornerstone of effective teamwork. Distrust within a team weakens and impairs it.

So spending time building trust as a team is crucial. Building trust is the starting point to form a united 'whole' cohesive and high-functioning team. Once trust is present in your leadership or management team then people begin to bond and you start to perform well as a team. 

Trust is the ability to let down your guard with one another. Trust means accepting others when they make mistakes and learning from them.

Let me coach and facilitate your team. I'd love to help you to develop strong mutual enduring trust and grow into a high performing team.

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Harnessing Conflict...

As a default we all fear conflict and are naturally averse to it. So we prefer to avoid it rather than to face difficult decisions, people and circumstances. However successful leaders know that it is both essential and healthy to develop skills to learn from conflict and use it to help make good decisions.

Harnessing conflict in a team takes courage. I can help you to learn how to become skilled at: healthy debate, challenging dominant people and sharing different viewpoints.

I can also help you as a team to learn how to push through conflict together to make good decisions. Resilience is required to deeply understand important issues thoroughly. So taking the time necessary to learn how to do this is the mark of a successful team.

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Decision Making...

A crucial part of leadership is making and sticking to decisions. High-performance executive teams believe in and share the same goals. 

Top teams commit to their core purpose. They focus on what matters and work as a group and buy-in to decisions with one voice. 

If your team doesn't have unity then you dilute your effectiveness. In the long run, you will fail to achieve the results you seek.

Let me help you learn how to make good decisions as a team so you can develop the sticking power to become a high performing team.

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Authentic Leadership...

Managing yourself is one thing, but leading others requires new skills and know-how. Leading others is tough. It takes time. A key leadership role is building a good team that works together. This means spending time out getting to know how you all 'tick' and building trust with each other. 

Taking time out to learn advanced leadership skills gives your team the edge needed to meet the challenges you face in your organisation in today's economy. 

Let me facilitate and coach you as a leader and a leadership team. I would love to work with you to become a high performing team and to find your authentic self. 

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Team Building...

As leaders it’s really important that you spend time team building to develop and to stretch yourselves into being right people for your organisation. Team building is a prerequisite for any leadership team to become high performing.

Poor habits and unproductive behaviours get amplified the higher-up people progress and become particularly exposed in leadership. So learning the right leadership skills is vital for your people and your organisation. 

Through purposeful team building tailored to you as a leadership team, I facilitate your learning to eliminate your unwarranted behaviours and become collectively smart together. 

I'd love to help you with your team building.

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Emotional Intelligence...

You can’t become a high functioning team just by having the most intelligent leaders on your team. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is also a factor. EQ goes beyond managing your numbers and KPI's etc. Instead, high performing teams learn how to add value by working ‘smart’ together. To do this means 'tuning into' the team story that sits behind your business.  

At its core, EQ is: self-awareness, effective listening, managing yourself, reading others, empathy, social awareness and being able to build effective relationships with others around you. 

I can help your team boost your EQ, so you can learn how to collaborate, and cohere together and become a highly effective leadership team. 

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Making a Difference...

Being a leader means taking responsibility and caring about others too - it’s not an easy job. So you need to learn the subtle art of 'internal cohesion' - it’s about finding meaning and being happy in your own skin. Being fulfilled at work, means being happy at home and vice-versa.

I would love to work closely with you and your fellow executives to coach you to discover your own internal cohesion. Done well this means that you contribute more of yourself to your leadership role - that's important!

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Strategic Planning...

Business today is about reaching for 'big goals' that create new, innovative and exciting opportunities for your growth as well as for your buyers. So it is essential as a leadership team to be clear about your purpose and meaning; how you want to contribute to make a better world; how you make a difference and importantly too - working well together. 

This requires you to think creatively, but many leaders don't find this easy. Done well though, creative thinking significantly boosts your ability to plan ahead for an audacious and bold future.

This is where I can help you. I have created a tried and tested practical process, which focuses on growth and change using a uniquely creative thinking approach. I call this: 'The Big Think'. It is a very insightful process.

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High Performance Culture...

As leaders, it is indeed possible to develop your leadership skills so you can build a high performance team. To do this means paying attention to your culture defined by you as an executive team. Get this right and it creates high levels of effectiveness, strong employee engagement and the pursuit of excellence throughout your organisation.

Executive teams that develop good leadership skills and strong well defined internal cultures attract talented people, and build strong brands that lead to commercial success.

I would love to apply my coaching skills to help facilitate a tailor-made programme for your senior teams.  I will help you shape a great desired culture and future for your organisation. 

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Feedback for Leaders...

One of the hallmarks  of becoming an effective team is to recognise each other's strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your innate strengths allows you to play to these. 

This is ‘the difference that makes all the difference’ between doing your best work or being mediocre. 

Giving each other frank feedback on strengths and weaknesses allows people to adjust behaviours. Paying attention to one's behaviours makes a big difference to how you all perform. 

I'd love to help you as a team to use the power of feedback, to become a high performing team.

Let me coach you to 'play to your strengths' and to work on your weaknesses. 

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Leadership Charter...

To be a high performing leadership team and create an effective working culture starts with your top people. Building a great work place where everybody counts requires demanding standards from you as a leadership to be at your best. It will also mean you have to build a high degree of trust between each other..

Creating a Team Charter is an approach I use to coach, mentor and facilitate you to commit and be accountable to each other. It will help you to build the leadership skills you need to buy-in to difficult decisions.

This is not easy work to do. It is demanding and requires discipline. Done well, you will define your own set of agreed rules and behaviours that keep you on-track as a high performing team.

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Leadership Mindset...

The potential for your senior executives to perform at their very best can be held-back by deeply held personal and potentially limiting values, beliefs, attitudes, outlooks, fears, deficiencies and past histories. Left unchecked they will create dysfunction.

These ‘conditioned’ responses get in the way of allowing your senior managers and talented staff to grow and develop into the leaders that they are meant to be - and need to be for the benefit of your business. 

To resolve these issues I have developed a practical leadership development programme that allows you and your senior people and teams to transform together; discover your authentic selves and boost your emotional intelligence as well. 

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