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Posted on: Saturday 09, April 2016
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High performance is about mindset…

In my work with leadership teams I have experienced that ‘high performance’ of any senior team is aversely influenced and held-back by deeply held personal and potentially limiting: values, beliefs, attitudes, outlooks, fears, deficiencies and past histories and up-bringing (memories). These reactive responses not only imprison your own mind, producing limiting realities, these ‘conditioned’ responses also get in the way of and interfere with your own senior management team development too and prevent you and your best people from reaching authenticity and full potential.  

So what can you do to improve this? Is there an approach that can allow space for you and your key people to safely find a way to grow and develop into the leaders you are all meant to be - and needed to be for the greater good of your company?

Fortunately there is - here's a practical and empowering method that can help you and your teams to grow and develop.  It's called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and is a process designed to create enduring postive mindset shifts and change and can be readily applied to executive and business teams. Here's an infographic that summarises what NLP does...

To do this well I suggest that you seek the services of a good leadership consultant and invest in a skilled facilitation of an 'NLP' based programme that also blends with the context of your business - more of what 'NLP' is about and what it means later.

Let's take a look at some fundementals first.

What you believe in your mind creates your reality…

A crucial point is that what you predominantly believe, actually creates and manifests your reality.

It follows therefore that potentially limiting beliefs and attitudes create potentially limiting realities and vice-versa for empowering beliefs and outlooks.

"So the quality you are wanting to build in the world around you, must first exist intrinsically within you before it can exist in the external word." (Richard Barrett) 

This is because the world you experience is a reflection of what you are thinking and believing in your mind.  These are your unique filters of reality - and so this is why no two people experience the same reality.

What your mind believes in, it focuses on, and this in-turn influences what you see.

Be the change you want to see in the world…

Are you going to pull your own strings or are you going to let someone else pull them for you? (Amy Cuddy).

As senior people, to ‘be the change you want to see’ and get what you want and desire, means that you have to work on yourself ‘deep-down’ - to change your beliefs, your mindset, and your thinking to get the results you are seeking. 

You have to move away from the ‘downstairs part of your brain’ - your conditioned fear based self and learn how to access more of the ‘upstairs part of your brain' - your more resourceful and highly evolved thinking circuits more of the time.  To do this you need to shift from the basic values of fear, ego, survival and protection and transform these to growth based values instead - that lead to accessing your authentic self.

(For more details of a growth based values concept see my blog article on: “How leaders can create a values driven company culture.”

How can you do this...

So is there a practical way you can acheive this as executives and for your key people?  Is it even possible to move away from the ‘downstairs brain’ - conditioning and use the more resourceful ‘upstairs brain’ instead? Well the answer to both questions is yes - let's go back to NLP again... 

‘Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)’ - is a practical, rapid personal change process built around high performance and successful people. NLP also provides very effective tools for you learn how enhance your emotional intelligence and build rapport, trust and get the very best from your relationships.  It will also make you very aware of the power of postive and negative body language.

Importantly going through such a process also helps you to bond as a team.

To apply NLP with excellence to your business context does however require an experienced practical person with good acumen. Done well though, in my opinion it is the very best way of creating change for people who want to be successful.  

A correctly designed and skilfully applied NLP based programme will quickly help eliminate the hold of ‘conditioned’ socialised responses in your team, and lead you all to break unwanted habits and patterns of the past. 

A well executed NLP programme will allow you and your teams to work together to build positive proactive mindsets that will free your people to feel good about themselves more of the time - this is important.  In so doing you begin to learn how to enrich your higher thinking and clearly communicate your thoughts with purpose and excellence. 

Supporting Evidence...

The reason I am so confident about this type of approach is because I have taught these sorts of techniques to many hundreds of people for over a decade now.  In this time I have honed my own expertise at working with behavioural and mindset change.  

I have been privileged to apply these techniques in many businesses and with leadership teams in lots of sectors too - so I have seen that these processes work really very well indeed and know that they do create enduing change within individuals and teams.. 

However, as already mentioned, to work well in a business setting it does need to be facilitated with skill, good business acumen and an ability to apply it practically to match your business and your teams' needs.



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Another great article, Andrew. Thanks for sharing.


A great insight into high performance leadership and the use of NLP techniques from Andrew Jenkins, great understanding of some things that hold leadership teams back.

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