Powerless Postures

Posted on: Wednesday 06, July 2016

Closed body language such as these sorts signal weakness and powerlessness.

According to Professor Amy Cuddy at Harvard University, such closed postures significantly reduce testosterone levels – the assertiveness hormone and increase cortisol – a stress and anxiety based hormone.

So avoid closed postures because they hugely diminish leadership credibility.

Closed postures cause conscious attention to switch to the ‘downstairs’ reactive functions of your brain, responsible for alerting you to respond instinctively to threat. Leading you to react with default fear and survival based defensive states of mind. These limit your choices.

You can learn counter this sort of neural ‘hijacking’ and respond in other more resourceful and proactive ways - look out for my next bite-sized blog about open postures that enhance leadership credibility.

I’d love to coach and facilitate you and your teams to use appropriate body language and mind set to increase your performance.

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