Whats your back-story and what makes your heart sing

Posted on: Thursday 30, June 2016

With the recent passing away of Muhammad Ali (one of my childhood heroes) it made me wonder what can we learn from him about success? What made him believe in himself when he said:

“I knew I was The Greatest even before I was The Greatest!”

What too was behind Martin Luther King’s success that changed history when he spoke to the American nation with his immortal speech: “I have a dream!”

Also what was the driving force behind Steve Jobs’ achievements when he described success as discovering: ”It’s what makes your heart sing!”

Turns out successful people have powerful back-stories describing their passion and how they overcame their obstacles - defining their success. 

They are clear about what makes their heart sing.

So here's a thought for you...

What’s your back-story and what makes your heart sing?

Telling your own back-story is powerful. It engages others in quickly getting what you're about.

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