4 ways to attract serendipity... chance, David Cameron and my book!

Four ways to attract serendipity into your life
Posted on: Wednesday 16, March 2016
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4 ways to attract more serendipity into your life... chance, David Cameron and my book.

I'll talk about the relevance of 'David Cameron' and 'my book' and how they relate to serendipity a bit later on. I first want to pick-up on 'chance' events... 

Chance, synchronicity and serendipity...

I don't know about you but when I stop and think about it, I sometimes find that bazaar chance events seem to happen at any given  moment.  This is known as synchronicity.  According to Google: synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

I am sure that most of us have experienced such moments from time to time. Interestingly, when such synchronistic 'chance' events  happen they are often turn out to be beneficial, fluky or have a fortuitous disposition towards you. This is known as serendipity - helpful occurrences and happy circumstance that work for you at a given moment in your life.

I don't know about you, but I have witnessed many such 'coincidental' moments and have learned that when they turn up, not to let them pass you by. Instead you need to take full advantage of them because the benefits to you could be quite staggering.

After a while of noticing these occurrences happen in my own life I began to wonder if I might be able to intend them to occur more often.  In so doing I have discovered that the more I expect these synchronistic moments to occur, then the more regularly they actually do seem to manifest right in front of me. This is a law of attraction 'thingy.' Whilst I have no control whatsoever about when these moments might happen, with whom and what the outcome will be, I love setting these sorts of intentions because such events are so exciting when they occur.

For instance, when I am about to travel by train or airplane, or about to visit different cities, these are ripe times for synchronistic events to occur and might be useful for my network or even for future business.  I love setting intentions for myself and to wonder who I might meet, what conversations I may have and what blessings may come about gracefully as a result. By setting such intentions, I seem to attract more of these chance encounters with interesting people.

A couple of examples for you...

These examples are both related to the launch of my Book: "You Are More Than You think - the return to your authentic self".

At the time my book was first published I was about to take a train journey to Bristol on a Saturday late morning.  Whilst packing my bag to go, I had a very strong premonition that I ought to take a book with me, as I would meet somebody on the train that day who would buy it there and then!  I said this to my wife and she thought I was 'bonkers!'  But I packed one anyway.

On the train journey I left a copy of my book on the table where I was sitting.  A While later after one of the scheduled station stops a lady came in my carriage and sat opposite me. She was chatty and so we quickly fell into conversation.  Turns out she was a barrister.  She noticed the book and commented on the unique cover (I was commissioned by my book publisher to draw the cover for my own book).  I gave it to her to look at.  She weighed it up, liked the quality of it and noticed the diagrams drawn in the book (which I also drew) and then she turned the book over to read the blurb.  After having read the blurb she then noticed the photo on the back cover of the author - me!  It quickly dawned on her that it was me speaking to her. We laughed light heartedly about the coincidence of that moment.  

One thing lead to another and liking the sound of the book and our conversation, she bought the book via Paypal right there and then right in front of me.  How cool!  I was so excited about that chance event.  It made me so happy.

The second example was in London shortly after this fist event. After that chance encounter on the train I decided to carry a copy of my book around with me for a while to see if other such synchronistic moments of serendipity could happen again.  And they did!

It was early one Sunday morning and I was standing in a short queue in Starbucks, London W1 near the BBC.  That morning I was due to give a presentation to around a 100 delegates about Limiting Beliefs and how to turn them around to empower you instead. I just happened to be carrying my book in my hand that day.  Seemingly out of nowhere David Cameron appeared with two body guards! They just happened to come up from the downstairs part of the cafe and he walked right by me.  He made eye contact and smiled briefly and I said: "Good morning David!" He nodded and together with his 'heavies' he just walked out of the door and was gone in a flash. (I checked later that he was appearing that morning on a BBC interview.)  

Immediately out of pure instinct and in the euphoria of that bazaar coincidental moment, ran to the door intending to catch up with him and give him my book that I was holding.  However I also quickly calculated that that might provoke a rather unwarranted action from his two body guards! So I stopped myself from going any further.

I however decided that the moment needed closure, so that day I sent a signed copy of my book to David Cameron directly at 10 Downing street.  A week later I got a personal letter from him via his secretary to say thank you.  How ‘groovy’ is that!

I often wonder amusingly whether he has actually read it, and if so would then change any of his policies!  Haha!


Here are a few hint's and tips that I use to make the very best from synchronicity:

  1. Be 'switched-on' enough to be aware of such 'chance' events and recognise them as they are occurring in real-time.
  2. Act positively and do something positively in these moments.  Remember that they may more often than not, bring some element of blessing to you.
  3. Serendipitous moments have a natural grace to them, so in return you need to be grateful and happy to celebrate their 'out-working' in your life at that moment.
  4. Most importantly set your intentions around expecting synchronicity and serendipity to come to you more of the time.

So how would it be if you expected these sorts of serendipitous situations to occur more often in your life? When these moments happen (and they happen all a time to all of us, be aware of them, take full advantage of that 'window' of opportunity. Act in the moment before that 'window' closes and watch synchronicity unfold to bring about serendipitous moments in your life, as and when they occur.  And enjoy them too!

970 words.

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