6 leadership tips to free yourself from a fixed mindset...

Posted on: Tuesday 27, September 2016

All leaders can get stuck in a mental rut from time to time. Here are a few tips to free yourself from a fixed mindset…

  1. Have a go at taking a risk occasionally. Nobody will care if you get a bit ‘red-faced’.
  2. Set yourself a goal to take a few chances. Eg. Take time out to build your team, or present your ideas and passions to wider audiences.
  3. Drop the pretence that you are ‘The Big Cheese’. Eat a bit of ‘humble pie’ for a change and start to accept other peoples’ ideas too.  You might surprise yourself.
  4. It’s okay to make a mistake. But your fixed mindset will tell you that you aren’t capable if you fail. So tell yourself that learning from failure will lead to success.
  5. Give yourself a slap on the back whenever you stop yourself being harsh and critical. Learn to feel good about yourself instead.
  6. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Learn to dance in the rain once in a while and see the funny side of your oversights and flaws. 


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