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Authentic Leadership Training

Authentic Leadership Training: Why is this so vital today?

Managing yourself is one thing, but leading others requires new skills and know-how. Leading others is tough. It takes time. A key leadership role is building a good team that works together. This means spending time out getting to know how you all tick and building trust.

As a leadership team to achieve success in whatever you are planning you need to learn how to:

Make good decisions.

Collaborate and cohere.

Commit to each other and take accountability.

Expand your emotional capacity skills and stretch your thinking.

Above all leaders need to be authentic. That means developing your core character, behaviours, values and beliefs, as well as resilience and purpose.

These are the tough demands of high performance required of senior management teams today.

" The demands on leaders in today's organisations require much more than competency. Today's top management teams need to learn leadership skills that develop each other to become a great team.  "

Taking time out to learn advanced leadership skills gives your team the edge needed to meet the challenges you face in your organisation in today's economy. 

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I run a practical 6-day leadership programme (2 days per quarter) to teach leaders and managers these skills.

Important leadership skills that I facilitate and coach when working with you are: 

  • To trust and connect with others.
  • Courage to face your fears, to challenge, to persevere through adversity and to take risks.
  • To believe in the things you are doing for the greater good - not for personal gain. 
  • To deal with tough situations in a calm and mindful way.
  • To learn how to use the power of feedback to be an accountable team
  • Ways that build high performing teams, such as, processes and systems that make you work together effectively. 
  • Ways that empower you and all your people to become the best you can be and do the best work of your lives. 
  • Creating inspiration to envision others to want to achieve great results too. 
  • Make good executive team decisions and buy-in through empathy, collaboration, and cohesion. 
  • Enrich your thinking with wisdom and care to create a sustainable future.
  • Do things that make a difference and that matter. 

For more information on soft skills, development programmes, training, and team building days for leaders, managers, and teams, please contact me.

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Authority guide to developing performance teams available on Amazon
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