Authenticity is an essential leadership quality

Posted on: Monday 21, March 2016

"The most powerful is he who has himself in his own power". (Lucius Anaeus Seneca)

When you operate from a point of calm inner core confidence, you begin to access a deeper connection to yourself. Learning to trust and being open with others starts to shift you all to being more emotionally intelligent and authentic. This takes time.

Your authentic self, when in residence, is very powerful and contagious. We all sense its presence. It is genuine and totally believable because it just is - hence authentic.

When you as a leader start to activate your authenticity, others notice and you influence everyone to operate at their very best.  That’s why authenticity is such an essential leadership quality.

When was the last time you and your team spent time out looking at the big picture and checking where you are going? Let me facilitate you and your team to do just that.

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