Business Development Managers NLP for Business Programme

This 4 day communications and leadership programme created and delivered by Andrew Jenkins from PDx Consulting, was a fantastic opportunity for all of us as the national Business Development Managers team to learn new skills and tools that we can apply personally and directly into the workplace.  

The programme was highly interactive and the learning was totally practical and experientially based.  The outcomes where goal-based and helped us to see how we can make change happen in the work place, by driving our work-based outcomes using the tools we learned during the 4 days.  

This was a totally different experience for all of us as it focused on us as individuals and our 'inner game' rather than processes of work.  The learning allowed us to see how we can focus and cope with business demands in highly effective ways.

Andrew is a wonderfully naural and inspirational change leader.  He helped us to make transofrmational shifts and life-changes easily and quickly.  His style and expertese is relaxing, enjoyable and this makes his teaching simple to get, excellent and relevant.

Authority guide to developing performance teams book available on Amazon You are more than you think book available on Amazon
Authority guide to developing performance teams available on Amazon
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