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We have been working with Andrew on two primary work streams over the last twelve months or so.

The first primary work stream has been around team development, and Andrew has been heavily involved in working with all our work teams at management as well as team leader levels. Andrew's work has focused on a number of areas: current behavioural issues, required behaviours, how we go about challenging interferences in our business.

In terms of the core management team, we are looking at 3 key areas - team styles, how we all engage with each other as individuals and as teams, and what to deliver as a strategic purpose for the project in 2011 and beyond the project end.

The second primary work stream has been about one to one coaching of managers.  Andrew has helped individuals explore their potential, develop individual action plans focused around behavioural changes to increase their performance and ultimately that of the project.

In terms of a personal example of this, Andrew has been working with me on my own personal development.  I have been struggling to verbalise and put shape and structure around expressing myself.  As we worked together I realised what I wanted was a better understanding of strategic thinking, planning and processes.  Interestingly enough an opportunity arose which provided me with the opportunity to put into action what we were working on during the coaching sessions.  I was able to successfully interact with the organisation at a very senior level, where myself and my colleagues were engaged in strategic discussions.  This enabled me to gain more out of that opportunity because I could effectively contribute by using the tools and models we had utilised in our coaching sessions, and so I was a player rather than a participant.

In terms of your own personal style, people find you a relaxed, easy going player.  You create an open environment where people feel safe to explore areas that would normally take them out of their comfort zone.  What you bring to individuals and teams is a set of alternative tools to people oriented problems and solutions.

Authority guide to developing performance teams book available on Amazon You are more than you think book available on Amazon
Authority guide to developing performance teams available on Amazon
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