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What if... we saw our business from our Customers perspectives

I had the pleasure of facilitating a team of outlet managers along with their Regional MD, all from a well known internationalising restaurant chain.  The workshop took place in a chateaux outside Paris.

This was a very talented and experienced team of high performing managers. They have a very strong brand and operate very robust business and servicing processes. The team wanted to explore their hospitality side more and wished to spend time seeing their business from a customers feelings perspective. With new end of year targets driving this team, the workshop objective was to explore how they could add further value by focusing on their customers, rather than further improve their processes. 

This type of endeavour was new to this team and required a creative thinking approach - hence this workshop. 

" I'm confident of some solid outputs. The feedback is that my team are very inspired and equipped to start to make some mindset changes in their leadership point of view. (Richard, Regional MD) "

As context, the day was centred around a values based approach. By working with a set of different values, we represented the different stages of life of their customers through each of the principle decades. 

For example children, teenagers, young people in their twenties, families and grandparents. the 'big idea' here was that all these generational groupings have different needs, expectations and values. This gave us an excellent platform from which these managers could explore 'customer feelings' and view points.

Using my Big Think -strategic planning process (my invention, click link to learn more), we started to explore how 'customer feelings' might translate into a number of tangible real-world outputs and actions. The group also needed take-aways that could be measured and tested in real situations.

From there, to solidify the actions, we created a 'Do's and Don'ts Commitment Charter'. This would enable each outlet manager to take away clear points to share and monitor with their teams that they each lead.


During the workshop we also explored new leadership principles around mindset shifts to assist in their own leadership skills. At leadership levels it is important to motivate leaders with new ideas that further enhance their own leadership qualities.  I think we all hit the spot.

Team building sessions like these are essential to do just that. They help bond teams, and to spend important time learning how to operate as a cohesive and collaborative team.  

If you would like to explore your customers' perspective of your business I can help. Call 07795 182 860 or email to arrange an informal discussion of your needs

I deliver 1 and 2-day practical workshops and 4 and 6-day (2 days per quarter) high-performance training programmes alongside one-to-one coaching to teach your leaders, managers, and teams these skills.

For soft skills, development programmes, training, coaching, workshops, NLP for business and team building days please Contact Me.

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