Developing authentic leadership

Posted on: Sunday 21, January 2018

One way of describing this is a journey that unmasks vices that lead to our shadow side (and ultimately a fixed mindset) to one that develops our virtues (a growth mindset).

The more we are influenced by our shadow side the more this can develop into a fixed mindset later in our lives and adversely affects leadership potential.

Recognise any of these - left circle?

The trick is to grow past your shadow side.

But, unchecked they show up as manipulation, blame, over control, fear, dysfunction, and ego. The hallmarks of a fixed mindset.

Therefore, these toxic traits have no place in authentic leadership or high-performance.

We all have an authentic self.
It calmly waits for the right moment and conditions to begin to nudge us subtly away from our shadow side towards learning how to access your virtues instead.

This gentle push is your authentic self, beginning to awaken. It's a natural part of maturity, but you have to take note of this and to intend it.

Shedding a fixed mindset helps to develop yourself towards a growth mindset instead.

That, in turn, helps you to unlock your leadership potential.

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