Dolphins, Foxes, Baboons and Sheep

Book reference - worksheet 3.1

Image Reproduced with kind permission of Dr Robina Chatham (adapted from Bradley & James), I first saw this model at Cranfield School of Management in 1997–98 during her course on inspirational leadership in the field of corporate politics for IT managers (low res for quick load up speed).

Use this simple model to emphasise why team collaboration is so important for high performing teams. 

See downloads below to access worksheets.

For more details on collaboration in teams and the supporting instructions to use this model and an accompanying exercise, please purchase my book: Developing High Performance Teams on the link provided below. 

The book is a toolkit to help managers, consultants, trainers and facilitators to run exceptional team development events.


The resources below are free for you to download and use for your team development event. All I ask is that you attribute it the source appropriately, please as well as the supporting text and references from my book. It is important that you honour this, please.

Please also let me know how you get on using it. I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you.

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