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Executive Decision Making

Why executive decision making is vital to performance

A crucial part of leadership is making and sticking to decisions. High-performance executive teams believe in and share the same goals.

Top teams commit to their core purpose. They focus on what matters and work as a group to buy-in to decisions with one voice. 

If your team doesn't have unity then you dilute your effectiveness. In the long run, you will fail to achieve the results you seek. To make a decision doesn’t mean you need consensus! It doesn't matter if individuals disagree with a particular decision. What matters is to commit and then stick to the final decision - no matter what.

If that decision turns out to be wrong, then so be it. You commit to a new plan together - that’s the art of commitment.

" Teams that work well together buy-in to decisions with one-voice.  "

Teams that commit and are accountable to each other do NOT play politics. Top leadership teams work hard to wipe out game playing. There is no room for ego based self-interest, manipulation, or by empire-building. 

Instead, top teams rely on each other they align their views and trust in shared wisdom within the team. 

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I'd love to facilitate your team to help you build a good decision-making process that you stick to. Being committed and being accountable to each other is a leadership skill that needs practice. Done well, you start becoming a high performing team.

I run practical 1-day, or 2-day, team building workshops designed to develop your team decision making that you can mix and match with other topics I teach and coach on. Interactive team development days make a real difference to team performance.

For more information on soft skills, development programmes, training, coaching and team building days for leaders, managers, and teams, please contact me.

Video story: A leadership team creating commitment and accountability with each other

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Authority guide to developing performance teams book available on Amazon You are more than you think book available on Amazon
Authority guide to developing performance teams available on Amazon
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