Gary - Operations Delivery Manager - large international Mobile Telephone operator

Dear Sirs

In relation to the services provided by Andrew Jenkins to our Company and myself I am happy to recommend PDX Consulting to provide coaching and development services to your business and on a personal level.

As a major independent telecoms company in the period of sustained growth and development we felt the immediate need for restructure to improve on the existing foundations in place.

We engaged with PDX to assess the existing management structure and roll out individual and team sessions to understand our strengths and weaknesses and identify roles and responsibilities.

From our Company perspective we benefited greatly from this exercise, allowing us to place people in roles that worked with their strengths and getting “the right person for the job” to deliver our continued service of excellence.

We are now in our sixth month since we implemented the restructure and already we feel the benefit of this, and we continue to develop and grow our strength and capabilities through a greater sense of team work and understanding. Financially it is difficult to present a cost analysis of the benefits we are experiencing, but without doubt we have reduced our engineering costs by identifying risks earlier and introducing techniques discovered during our instruction.

On a more personal level, Andrew has worked with me on various areas of weakness which I believed to be restricting my career progression. The coaching, discussions and understanding of these areas was second to none, and has assisted me in reaching a senior level in my chosen career path. My ability to communicate, and more importantly strongly argue my opinions believing in their importance have improved, which has also increased my confidence levels.

Any financial benefits here are not important as the value to me as a person far exceed any monetary values. However it has enabled me to reposition myself with the company and gain financial gains through exceeding performance requirements

I would state that the service on whole has been fantastic, and the benefits, financial and in education has been invaluable. The continual support we still receive from Andrew is excellent and I am sure that we will be utilising his expertise as we roll out further changes within our front line team challenges

Yours sincerely,

Gary Operations Delivery Manager

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