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How can a Monkey help with team development

Monkey Business

Those of you who have worked with me on team building and leadership development workshops and programmes, will instantly recognise the monkey in the main picture.

His name is King George II, and he has been a constant companion of mine over the past 15 years after being presented to me as a gift from my youngest daughter.

King George II ('George' for short) is no ordinary stuffed toy animal. Not at all! He has an essential supporting role in the successful delivery of leadership development, team building, and executive coaching.

Let me spell out some of his significant contributions.

" Can we finish with George the Monkey again please Andrew? "

George is the perfect ice-breaker everybody notices him sitting on my Bluetooth HiFi speaker as many people will ask, 'What's the Monkey for Andrew?'

As you can see his ever smiling face works wonders.

Nobody can resist his charm as he is passed around the room as the token to allow free and frank discussions.

He is such a good listener.

Everybody loves George.

He is an excellent foil when I use “storytelling” to explain concepts or influence groups. You’d be surprised at how sharp his observations are, or how often monkey analogies are taken up during team days.

Sometimes George acts as an 'anchor' too. People and teams that I have regularly worked with, fondly remember George - it makes them feel at home. It reminds them of their last team workshop they had with me and George and exactly what we were all doing together and how they felt last time George was in the room. Without saying a word, George builds rapport in the group.

And finally, he is cute, soft, warm and cuddly. Sometimes that is just what’s needed to tap into the group's emotional intelligence. George is always the perfect reminder that we all have emotions, both our own as well as others.

'Oh, the monkey! I remember him well!' (Alex - Sales Director)

'I remember George being passed around on the last day of an NLP course' (Julia - Entrepreneur)'

'I have a lot of time and respect for the monkey' (Paul Bates - Bid Manager)

During group feedback sessions George comes into his own. He finds himself resting on people's shoulders, cradled, stroked, hugged and lovingly passed from person to person.

Here's a short fun video of George in action:


Contact me today if you would like to meet George in person and discover how he (with a little help from me) can help you hone your leadership skills or improve your team’s performance.

Call 07795 182 860 or email to arrange an informal discussion.

I deliver 1 and 2-day practical workshops and 4 and 6-day (2 days per quarter) high-performance training programmes alongside one-to-one coaching to teach your leaders, managers, and teams these skills.
For soft skills, development programmes, training, coaching, workshops, NLP for business and team building days please Contact Me.

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