How to stand in Cause NOT Effect

Posted on: Monday 04, March 2019

Cause and Effect

One of our defaults as humans is to avoid responsibility. But, for everything we do (and avoid) there is an effect - Causality. Action, reaction. Cause and effect.

When something goes well, we like to take the credit for it and when something goes badly, we usually shift the blame.

Furthermore, it's easier to believe that the actions of others cause our emotional reactions.

Excuses, Excuses!

Excuse = Effect = No Control

We tend to fall into this trap as a default.

For example, it's Brexit, we're in a recession, it's our government etc - no matter how well qualified the reason, how sincere the justification, how unfair the situation these are still excuses.

Relying on fate, blaming things on circumstances or other people is a very ineffective strategy. In life, you either get results, or you give reasons, you are at cause, or you are at effect there is no in between.

Try this exercise - point at something right now and notice the three fingers pointing right back at you!

This is precisely how it is when you seek to blame circumstances on someone or something else.

Effect keeps us stuck, we continue to make excuses and find reasons for not being able to do what we want or not being able to change. In effect, you’re choosing to be the victim.

But, we never get the outcome we want if we stand in effect.

Any time we give a reason, even when it seems to be real and true, we believe that what is happening outside of us is more powerful than our ability to transform it. And that is not true!

The truth is when we get back to cause we are in charge of our results. Standing at cause is the 'can do, will do' attitude that enables us to reflect, grow and take responsibility. Cause is the key which unlocks our power and allows us to take control of our outcome.

For Maximum power, choose to take responsibility for whatever happens in your life.

This can feel hard at first, especially when we are at the bottom of the proverbial pit that someone else has dug for us.

The fact is though; we rarely have control over external events and circumstances, even less so concerning other people’s actions.

Acknowledging this fact is the first and most powerful step in getting back to cause, the power end of the equation. When we recognise the fact that we are where we are, no matter how we got there, we have started to take the first step to regain control of our situation.

Once we take this step, we make a stand against acting the victim because the one thing we have for sure is control over how we choose to react and respond to a situation and thus influence our outcome. (response-ability)

Initially, there are two choices: 

  1. stay where we are (at effect) and blame everyone and everything else. OR, 
  2. choose to take responsibility and do something about it (at cause).

No matter how thinly we slice something, there are always two sides.

When we take responsibility a whole new vista is open to us - we can ask:

"what did I do to cause this emotion to happen?"

“What can I do about it?”

“What can I learn?”

“What is the first step I can take to change things for me?”

Regret over past events or actions keeps us stuck in effect. Ask yourself the right questions to release your choices and to gain access to better emotions.

With practice, it is always possible to stand in cause.

Cause = Responsibility = Power

Its all in the mind; we only need to make the right choices!

Like it or not we are all the authors and architects of the results we experience in our own life.

Every thought we have, every word we speak (whether to ourselves or out loud), and every action we take is like planting a seed; a seed that will germinate and grow when the appropriate conditions are present.

We reap the effects of having sown the seeds of past thoughts and behaviours. Be very aware that there are no idle thoughts!

When we have negative thoughts we give away our power, most of us are not even aware that we do this until we begin to pay attention to our internal dialogue.

So, become aware of your thoughts and internal mind chatter because these affect your present reality and influence your future results.

Owning your results is living “at cause”, giving reasons only nurtures the opportunity to create similar results in the future.

Practise staying at Cause...

  • Become aware of how you respond to outside circumstances and exercise more choice in your responses. Once you do that, things will stop happening to you and you will actively start making things happen. When you decide to move from Effect to Cause, you will notice that it is much easier to get the results you want.
  • Watch your internal dialogue, simple as that. Your internal talk is the source of all your emotions and actions. When you change your internal dialogue, you become in control of your thoughts which then provides you with the right mental environment to empower yourself through choices and stop being the victim of circumstance.
  • Creating your life by design requires full ownership and total personal accountability for where you are right now. By accepting that you are entirely standing at cause for your life, you access the ability to recognise how your moment-to-moment thoughts, words, and actions create the results you experience.

From now on, whenever you are in a situation that is causing you pain or an unwanted emotion, consciously ask yourself:

Am I standing in cause or effect right now?

Always get back to Cause.

What you do from there on, is all up to you.

(Thanks to Roger Terry, my inspiring mentor/teacher for teaching me this concept. Original influence source for this article is unknown)

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