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Introducing a New Change Management Process for a Fleet Operator

Embracing and managing change can be tricky business for any large organisation.  Running a busy national train & tram fleet operation is no exception.

" We have had really great responses and feedback from these workshops.. the penny seems to have dropped about empowerment from our managers (Chris - General Manager). "

This organisation were experiencing problems getting the worforce to buy-into important safety at work initiatives. Basically instructions from upper management were not being implemented (sometimes even actively ignored) at the 'shop floor' level. Working closely with the management team we decided that the key to unlocking strategic change was to engage & empower first line management. My client needed to find a way to expose deeply held issues, influence a mindset shift, as well as change the 'psychological contracts' at grass-roots level.

To do this we created a unique and highly innovative change management process. This was to be piloted with 3 national operational fleets. The process involved coaching and mentoring in new management skills based around an 'inside-out' thinking approach. This was contrary to the previous more conventional (but unsuccessful) management top-down approach.

This meant facilitating a new viewpoint for the leadership team managing the 'shop floor'. We wanted team leaders to become aware of the unspoken and unwritten rules that were having a detrimental interference, causing a resistance to change. We also wanted them to develop new leadership skills to coach-in new behaviours.

The 'inside-out' thinking approach involved...

- Identifying & articulating the actual unwritten rules.

- Defining the negative impact on individuals.

- Creating a mechanism to influence positive change. 

- Breaking through concerns via empowerment at the first line of management.

- Gaining accountability and commitment to change.

I am proud to say that the change process was very successful. Team leaders embraced the change management approach very well. It enabled managers to coach and mentor 'shop floor' operatives into taking safety seriously for the first time.  


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