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Posted on: Sunday 10, April 2016

As senior people, decision makers and influencers, to ‘be the change you want to see’ and get what you want and desire, means that you have to work on yourself too ‘deep-down’ - engaging your thoughts around your beliefs with who you are and what you're about is important for success and to get the results you are seeking. 

You have to move away from the ‘downstairs part of your brain’ - your conditioned fear based self and learn to access more of the best version of you.

Using your ‘upstairs part of your brain' makes you more resourceful and you engage your more highly evolved thinking circuits. This includes what you are passionate about, your purposes and your true authentic identity.

To do this you need to shift from the basic values of fear, ego, survival and protection and transform these to growth based values instead - that lead to accessing your authentic self.

When was the last time you and your team spent time out looking at the big picture and checking where you are going? Let me facilitate you and your team to do just that.

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