• Thumbs up - cartoon man
    Uh Oh! feedback - how hard can it be
    28th Feb 2018

    All too often, managers and leaders struggle with how to deal with the hard task of developmental or constructive feedback. So, this blog tackles t...

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  • Talking heads illustration of going and taking feedback
    Oh uh! Brace yourself, here comes some feedback
    22nd Jan 2018

    “Can I give you some feedback please?” What happens to you when you hear those words? On the one hand, for some of you, you might e...

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  • Cartoon - elephant in the room
    Are soft skills the elephant in the room
    28th Feb 2018

    Are soft skills the elephant in the room? You bet! Soft skills are not fluffy or namby-pamby but, vital links to high-performance, growth mind...

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  • Seminar flyer - how soft skills drive high performance
    How soft skills drive high performance seminars
    23rd Feb 2018

    Super excited to be the guest keynote speaker at two seminars hosted by the fab team at the Engineering Leadership Institute in Montana, in the USA...

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  • Fixed versus Growth Mindset Infographic
    Developing authentic leadership
    21st Jan 2018

    One way of describing this is a journey that unmasks vices that lead to our shadow side (and ultimately a fixed mindset) to one that develops our v...

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  • Cartoon of a boxing match knock out
    What makes your heart sing
    30th Jun 2016

    Muhammad Ali (one of my childhood heroes) was a master at spooking his opponents with his bombastic rhetoric and constant self-affirmatio...

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  • Cartoon by Andrew Jenkins - unwritten rules mind chatter
    Are you being bitten by the unwritten
    4th Jan 2018

    Are you being bitten by the unwritten rules in your company? Behaviours and values drive all group culture. But, unwritten rules adversely impa...

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  • Cartoon by Andrew Jenkins - building trust together
    The trust factor - how do you measure up
    19th Nov 2017

    Learning to build trust with others is the cornerstone of developing a high performance team and a winning culture. On the other hand, an absen...

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  • Team Troubles - What are the personality issues affecting your team performance? PDX provides coaching and workshop facilitation to get people working
    Team Troubles
    31st Oct 2016

      There is a lot of truth in the saying: ‘Nothing will change unless you do something different.' How often has frustrat...

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  • Leadership in the Ethical Economy. Develop your leadership skills to meet the new caring world
    New Leaders please step up
    26th Oct 2016

    The world is changing. A new ‘ethical economy’ is emerging that will impact all businesses. It’s no longer good enough just t...

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  • Cartoon many standing on top of a brain whistling
    Leaders... Free Your Mind
    10th Apr 2016

    As senior people, decision makers and influencers, to ‘be the change you want to see’ and get what you want and desire, means that you ...

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  • 4 Cartoon men celebrating success at the finish line.
    Quitters are Shitters
    6th May 2016

    "Never let the pursuit of Perfection hinder your progress." (Robyn Benincasa) Have you ever been working real hard as an exec. le...

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  • 5 Cartoon men on a mountain top looking at the next mountain they need to climb.
    To build a great business, build a great leadership team
    22nd Mar 2016

    To build a great business today isn’t just about having a great product or service and an efficient means of producing it – that’...

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  • Cartoon man lying on grass day dreaming
    Todays daydream, tomorrows reality!
    21st Mar 2016

    Every leader needs to get away from the day-to-day sometimes and spend time 'on the balcony' day dreaming – this is where you’l...

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  • Cartoon of a brain with cartoon men climbing to its summit
    Value driven cultures boost profits
    14th Jun 2016

    When people work together over time a default culture emerges setting the tone of every organisation. The question is, how can leadership teams sha...

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  • Image of my infographic gallery
    Welcome to my all new Infographics Gallery
    18th Jul 2016

    I'm super excited to welcome you to my all new leadership inspirations infographics gallery and short 'n snappy mini bite sized blogs. &nbs...

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