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Leadership Team Charter

Creating a Leadership Team Charter

A team charter is a written covenant, agreement or code of conduct that you as a team work together to create. It can consist of a set of values, habits and or behaviours that the team is willing to then commit to complying to with each other and in their day-to-day work.

Creating a Team Charter is a critical success factor that almost certainly leads to high performance. I’ve found that it’s worth spending time with teams - at all levels - to produce one. They can be a game changer for shifting cultures and unwritten rules.

To be a high performing leadership or management team and create an effective work-based culture starts with you as leaders. Achieving this requires commitment to being accountable to each other.

I have developed very effective processes based around designing a Team Charter.  This Charter is unique to you and helps you to build confidence in your leadership skills as a team. I facilitate you to agree and commit you to your own set of unique standards of high performance. Such leadership qualities can then be taken away and practised.

" I help your team to create a Team Charter based around your rules and behaviours that demands high performance.    "

By collaborating and adhering to common values and purpose within a Team Charter framework, tailored to your own unique needs works exceptionally well.  This is demanding and disciplined work. But done well it becomes a practical take-away keeping you all on-track around your own high potential rules and behaviours.

Let me facilitate and coach your team to develop your Team Charter. It is a very effective way commit your team to a set of defined leadership qualities. I will help you to clarify your leadership and management rules required for high potential. Once complete your Team Charter will enable you to: 

  • Become accountable to one another. 
  • Use your collective emotional intelligence to make right decisions.
  • Develop a set of core values that are important to you as a team. 
  • Align your team to your company’s cultural values and make adjustments where necessary. 
  • Develop your leadership styles.
  • Uncover any negative unwritten rules that hold back your team and transform these into new resourceful habits instead. 
  • Agree on a mission and vision statement for you as an executive team to work towards and commit to - giving you all a purpose, meaning and a common bond. 

Ultimately this process helps you and your senior management team to pay attention to creating a great team and workplace, where everybody matters.

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I run practical 1-day, or 2-day, team building workshops to help your team build a Team Charter that you can mix and match with other topics I teach and coach on. Interactive team development days make a real difference to team building.

For soft skills, development programmes, training, coaching and team building days for leaders, managers, and teams, please contact me.

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Authority guide to developing performance teams available on Amazon
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