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Managing Conflict Training

Why conflict is essential for high performing teams

As a default, many people in a team are averse to conflict. So people in teams tend to avoid it rather than to face difficult decisions, people, and circumstances. However successful executives know that it is both essential and healthy to develop skills to deal with conflict.

To be a high performing team is about learning to deal with opposing points of view and find solutions to problems. By being open to all possibilities, a healthy debate can ensue. To do that well, some conflict is inevitable. 

" Using conflict to learn and find the ‘higher ground’ is the mark of a successful team. "

Harnessing conflict as a collective takes courage. Let me coach and facilitate you to become skilled at openness, challenging dominant people and seeing different viewpoints. These are essential leadership qualities and management skills.

When you can resolve conflict openly then you learn the art of collaborating to work through your issues and problems. You will also be able to break down assumptions and create new winning solutions. 


Let me facilitate, train and coach your team to develop your conflict management skills and harness it in healthy ways. I use conflict measuring tools to provide executives with ongoing feedback around conflict styles. Over time you can see how you as individuals and as a collective will improve your capacity to harness conflict. 

Leaders that I have worked with tell me that the practical way I help them to learn this difficult skill means that they feel sufficiently confident to practise these skills immediately in the workplace. 

Senior people love these useful tools because they can easily apply them and measure their progress to see how things improve. Let me teach you and your colleagues how to harness the power of conflict.

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I run practical 1-day or 2-day, team building workshops to harness conflict that you can mix and match with other topics I teach and coach on. Interactive team development days make a real difference to team performance.

For more information on soft skills, development programmes, training, coaching and team building days for leaders, managers, and teams, please contact me.

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Authority guide to developing performance teams available on Amazon
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