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I have created a very entertaining, inspiring and relaxed one hour interactive talk & discussion prepared around the subject of exploring your authentic self based on my new book:  "You Are More Thank You Think - the return to your authentic self"  I also use my unique style of artwork to augment the discussion.  

My talk is available to any group and any size, interested in learning a bit more about how we can create a better and more fulling reality for ourselves. It goes on to explore how to get away from our conditioning and return to our authentic self.

Alternatively if you prefer, I have also created a 2 hour dynamic and interactive seminar called: 'Mind Your Talk'. Together we explore and learn how we can use simple and practical ways to improve our thought patterns. I describe how to become more mindful of our language to get better results from our interactions.

" Thank you Andrew, thoroughly enjoyed the evening, very informative and inspirational. Looking forward to read your book "

I have done a number of seminars and book talks as well as 'Mind Your Talk' seminars for various groups.

Please watch the video below.  I created all the words for this based on my experience with Leaders and Teams.  All the words are sentiments taken directly from my book.  

Check out my new book too on Amazon.

Or direct from my own website for a signed copy or to download my FREE comprehensive questionnaire that helps you measure where you are on the Acquired vs Authentic self scale...


So if you want your group to be inspired and learn more about how to access your authentic self in a relaxed and at the same time a dynamic approach then please invite me to come and talk with your group about my book, or run a short seminar for you related to part of its content.  

I will bring along copies of my book for signing and dedicating on the day at a discount.

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Authority guide to developing performance teams book available on Amazon You are more than you think book available on Amazon
Authority guide to developing performance teams available on Amazon
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