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Posted on: Wednesday 26, October 2016

The world is changing.

A new ‘ethical economy’ is emerging that will impact all businesses. It’s no longer good enough just to make money and hit your numbers for profit or shareholder value alone.

When we listen to the news, we hear about many issues facing the world today.

Furthermore, millennials have very different expectations of companies and ethics. They are well-informed, and they want to work for a purpose. They also demand that their business cares for the wider society. 

If you're thinking that this might not that apply to your company, then think again. The ethics of future business will affect all companies, large and small.

So as leaders you will need to get on board with these changes too. Otherwise, you might not make it in tomorrow’s world!

Moving forward leadership teams will need to develop skills and know-how around:

  • Making a difference to peoples’ lives.
  • Caring for society.
  • Environmental responsibility.
  • Satisfying their people.
  • Make the world better.
  • Being in step with ethical trends.

When was the last time you spent time out to become a successful leadership team? If you are interested in developing your team, please Contact Me and let's grab a coffee to discuss a way forward.

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