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PIEx ™ NLP Diploma. Relationship Skills Programme

Your own organisation has probably sorted out business processes that optimise efficiency and costs. The new challenge for many organisations and possibly your own too is now about finding new ways to increase bottom-line value through your peoples’ talents.  

PIEx ™is a unique and new leadership development concept that offers an effective development approach for your people and leadership teams. It is based on learning emotional intelligence skills in a practical way. It also focuses on how to build trusting relationships quickly and effectively.

PIEx(Stands for: Persuasion, Influence, Engagement.  xis expontential growth)

PIEx ™is an innovative and interactive (short diploma) programme developed around growing talent and people-skills. It caters for leadership, management and sales teams. It uniquely and subtly blends development around: resolving past issues, creating new realities, opening up relationships, building rapport quickly and communicating with excellence to add value.

Ultimately it's relationships that enhance bottom-line profits.

" "Simply the best training course I have ever attended.  Thank you”  Viana – HR manager  "

This short diploma programme helps your leaders, teams and people to explore the relationship between how you think; how you communicate; and your patterns of behaviour and emotions. 

It takes NLP based principles, concepts and techniques a step further - promoting rapid personal growth and development around letting go of unresourceful mindsets and choosing to plan ahead to purposefully create desired outcomes instead.

PIEx ™is basically a business tool to enhance your personal credibility, leadership performance and ethical interactions with your buyers, customers and clients.

I have over a decade of experience delivering this practical programme to many leaders and teams in: Sales, Marketing, HR, Board Level, Directors, Consultants, Account Managers. It's fun, fast and furious learning at its very best.


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