Oh uh! Brace yourself, here comes some feedback

Posted on: Monday 22, January 2018

“Can I give you some feedback please?” What happens to you when you hear those words?

On the one hand, for some of you, you might expect the very worst and instantaneously get a visceral, gut-wrenching, stomach-clenching feeling of shock or horror! That might be closely followed by, ‘OMG! What have I done?’

If that’s you, then you are not alone.

Many people, fear giving feedback because it’s like a red-light warning of entering into the danger zone. Perhaps deeper-down, it reminds us of the painful lessons learned during the rough-and-tumble of our growing-up in our families and the ups-and-downs of our formative school years. But, we are adults now, aren’t we? After all, we don’t want to let someone down or upset them, do we?

These are common and very natural reasons why, by default, many of people hate feedback and therefore hold-back on giving it.

On the other hand, giving and taking feedback can be welcomed openly. But, that requires some personal and team development first – it’s a valuable skill that doesn’t come naturally so, it needs to be taught and practised too.

Read the full article here: Is feedback like Marmite?

Remember too, that different cultures around the world will have very different approaches, reactions and responses to feedback.


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