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The 'Big Think!' - Strategic Planning Process

More and more, leadership teams are having to adapt to new ways of thinking. Business today is about reaching for 'big goals' beyond just making money. These big goals are about creating opportunities for growth and wellbeing. They will have an enormous impact on the demands of leadership. For example, tomorrow's businesses will have to focus on:

  • Having a core purpose and meaning.
  • Defining how you make the world better.
  • How you make a difference to peoples' lives, communities, and societies.
  • Working well together as a team.  

For many Businesses reaching for 'big goals' requires a shift in mindset, to think creatively, to plan ahead and to think strategically. 

To meet these demands, I have created a unique approach, which focuses on growth and change using a dynamic and creative process.  I call this:

'The Big Think!'  

I created this approach from the research I conducted for my MSc a few years back now, around 'Soft Systems' - an approach to model complexity (originally coined by Peter Checkland).

My approach uses coaching to facilitate out the collaborative power of your leaders to work on your future business.  It is about creative thinking 'out of the box' to capture your amazing ideas.

How it works is that your Leadership teams work together in an interactive and practical workshop.  You work on your 'real-life' often highly complex situations to learn and develop creative ways to discover real growth-based solutions. 

At its heart is a 'systems thinking concept, that generates buy-in to new ideas and radical possibilities. As the process evolves, these transform into practical actions and new change work-streams.

Leaders I have worked with love using this process.  It is simple but powerful. It is a great process that skillfully involves your top team in planning a great future and leading change.

" Envisoning the future and preparing for change is about thinking 'big', exploring new ways of motivating and stimulating growth. "

The principles and concepts are built around facilitating leadership teams to explore an issue from different 'modalities' of thinking.  Solutions to complex problems are sought by initially stimulating creative thinking that then lead to generating practical, real-world outcomes. Here's the process:

The first phase - analysing the problem:  brainstorming what is happening and why. 

Secondly - Expressing change using 'Rich Pictures': generating creative, mental space to generate new ideas and possibilities.

Subsequent steps lead to a purposeful intention:  The focus then shifts again to defining real-world operations, the key activities, and metrics such as KPI’s and SLA’s etc.

An important aspect of this recognises the resources, and the actions needed to drive forward changes.  These form into planned work-streams for delivery.

I am proud to have developed this unique process - it works very well indeed.

For more information check out our Strategic Planning service or read "Strategic planning is complex - it needs a process to do it well..."


To find out how the "Big Think" could energise your leadership get in contact today. Call 07795 182 860 or email to arrange an informal discussion.
I deliver 1 and 2-day practical workshops and 4 and 6-day (2 days per quarter) high-performance training programmes alongside one-to-one coaching to teach your leaders, managers, and teams these skills.
For soft skills, development programmes, training, coaching, workshops, NLP for business and team building days please Contact Me.

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