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Strategic Planning for Teams

Strategic Planning and Creative Thinking

More than ever your business now demands that you as leaders pay far more attention to the needs and desires of your clients, rather than focusing solely what you produce or the services and expertise that you offer.

Business today is about reaching for 'big goals' that create new, innovative and exciting opportunities for your growth as well as for your buyers. So it is essential as leaders, executives and senior people to be clear about your purpose and meaning, how you want to contribute to make the world better, how you make a difference and importantly too - working well together. 

Reaching for these kinds of big goals does require quite a shift in your current mindset and see things from your clients' perspective. Being able to think creatively is vital but, addressing these bigger goals is not easy. It is true to say that many senior people find this very difficult. This is because creative thinking requires different parts of your brain to contribute to your overall thinking.  And many senior people simply do not regularly exercise this type of thinking. 

With a bit of help, guidance and encouragement though, this type of creative thinking is more accessible than you might perceive.

" Business today is radically changing and top teams need to respond in more creative ways than ever before. "

This is where I can help you. I have created a unique 1-day practical workshop, which focuses on growth and change using a uniquely creative thinking process. I call this The Big Think. It is adapted from a 'Soft Systems' approach to model complexity. 

My approach harnesses the collective power of you as a senior management team to be creative and adaptive to think in new ways and I coach you to capture new and extraordinary ideas. 

At its heart is a systems philosophy, that generates buy-in to new ideas and radical possibilities, and transforms these into an action plan of new work-streams required to execute the change. These can then be managed by you as a leadership team.

Check out my blog on strategic planning for more information.

See also news and events. Strategic Planning Senior Management Team Event.

I facilitate you and your colleagues to think about your own real-life situation and use different perspectives to learn and develop different creative and new ways to discover tangible (growth-based) solutions. 

Executives I have worked with love using this process. It is simple, dynamic and powerful.
It is a great practical process that fully involves all your senior people in planning your future and leading change. Let me facilitate your strategic planning that you can take away and work on as a team. 

See video of a strategic planning day with managers from a restaurant chain held near Paris.

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Authority guide to developing performance teams book available on Amazon You are more than you think book available on Amazon
Authority guide to developing performance teams available on Amazon
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