Stretch Your Brain For a Change

Posted on: Monday 20, June 2016

4 practical ways to stretch out of your comfort zone by accessing feel good neurotransmitters in your brain…

  1. Achieving a goal triggers dopamine – a neurotransmitter making you feel the pleasure of success. By breaking down your goals into smaller ones regularly tops-up your dopamine levels, motivating you to stretch yourself for longer.
  2. By recalling any positive motivating or significant past memory triggers serotonin – a happy feel good neurotransmitter. This helps you to be motivated at challenging times.
  3. Bonding with other like-minded people triggers oxytocin - the neurotransmitter of empathy, cohesion and closeness. This is essential for collaboration, commitment and high performance.
  4. Regular exercise triggers the flow of endorphins – a neurotransmitter that mitigates against pain and anxiety. So exercise is an ideal counter measure to help overcome stress.

I'd love to coach you and your leadership teams to train your brain to hack into your feel good chemicals more of the time.

Please contact me for more information.

Full bog – 4 brain hacks to stretch you towards success


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