• Tom Daley reinvented his diving style to pursue Olympic success. What do you or your team need to change to do the same
    In pursuit of medal glory...
    11th Aug 2016

    British television recently covered a documentary: 'Diving for Gold' about Olympian 10m diver Tom Daley in his daring strategy in pursuit o...

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  • Three winning strategies for success defined by Olympic Gold winner Jesse Owens
    Going for Gold...
    3rd Aug 2016

      As the Rio 2016 Olympics are underway what can we learn about success from athletes in the pursuit of medal glory… At the 193...

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  • Muhammad Ali had a back story that gave him an immense drive to succeed
    Whats your back story and what makes your heart sing
    30th Jun 2016

    Muhammad Ali (one of my childhood heroes) was a master of spooking his opponents with his bombastic rhetoric and constant self-affirmation.  ...

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  • Picture of 5 men stretching a brain
    Stretch Your Brain For a Change
    20th Jun 2016

    4 practical ways to stretch out of your comfort zone by accessing feel good neurotransmitters in your brain… Achieving a goal trigge...

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  • Cartoon man windsurfing and another being a puppet on strings
    Whos pulling your strings
    9th May 2016

    Are you in control of your beliefs, or are your beliefs in control of you? Who’s pulling your strings, you or others? Do you feel pow...

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