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Developing Successful Teams

Why is team building so important?

High performing teams deliberately spend time building relationships with each other. They define rules about how they want to work together. They also iron-out unproductive habits and unwarranted behaviours; these can quickly set back a team and a company. 

" An essential leadership quality is to spend time developing into a team as well as bringing along the right people. "

Unproductive habits and unwarranted behaviours get amplified the higher up people progress and become particularly exposed in leadership. For example game playing, political manoeuvring, manipulation, ego-based self-serving interest, unhealthy relationships and over control. These are all fear based survival, protection or ego driven strategies. Left unchecked in you or your fellow colleagues they become progressively more toxic over time. Inevitably in executive teams, low performance follows. If you recognise any of these in your group, then I can help you. 

These sorts of unwarranted habits and behaviours are nothing to do with competency, though - leaders that exhibit such behaviours have just as high IQ’s as other senior people. But high-performance teams are not solely based on intelligent individuals, but executive teams that learn how to be collectively emotionally intelligent. 

I facilitate 1-day, 2-day, and 4-day practical team training programmes, alongside one-to-one coaching to develop you and your team to eliminate unwarranted behaviours and become productive and successful together. 

Executives and teams that I have worked with have hugely benefited from my innovative approaches to leadership development. 

For soft skills, development programmes, training, coaching and team building days for leaders, managers, and teams, please contact me.

video testimony from a Fleet director talking out the benefits of creating successful teams.

Leadership training video testimony

Senior Management Team video testimony

Authority guide to developing performance teams book available on Amazon You are more than you think book available on Amazon
Authority guide to developing performance teams available on Amazon
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