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Development Workshops For Your Management Team

All Management Teams need to grow & develop. Sometimes teams experience growing pains too. PDx Consulting facilitates many teams to learn how to grow and overcome obstacles and play more to their strengths when adapting to change.  

This recent two day workshop event was built around a real recent business issue that had a large financial impact. The team wanted to learn how this could be avoided in the future.

" This team event was excellently facilitated, and I am delighted with the results" (Chris - general manager) "

The team development workshop focused on 3 specific areas:

  1. Use of a profiling tool to build awareness & understand the different motivation and conflict styles within the team.
  2. Explored a recent difficult situation to learn about behaviours & challenge interferences. Commitment to a set of new behaviours took the team forward to work more effectively as individuals & with each other.
  3. Constructed a structured process to explore what was required from the project to meet a set of organisational strategic business drivers. This identified a set of primary work threads for a future workshop to determine how these will be executed & delivered.

Does your team need to grow and develop to the next step? If so PDx Consulting can help you design and facilitate development workshops for your managment team.


Call 07795 182 860 or email to arrange an informal discussion.
I deliver 1 and 2-day practical workshops and 4 and 6-day (2 days per quarter) high-performance training programmes alongside one-to-one coaching to teach your leaders, managers, and teams these skills.
For soft skills, development programmes, training, coaching, workshops, NLP for business and team building days please Contact Me.

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