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Hayley - HR Manager - Large National Consultancy - Emerging Leader Programme

Dear Andrew,

Re: Emerging Leader Programme.

I am writing to thank you for the design and delivery of the above course.

From our initial meeting I felt that you understood our training needs and designed a course which met our exact learning requirements, whilst being relevant to the demands of our business.

Feedback from the delegates has been very positive, with them stating that the programme gave them both the confidence and the skills they needed to manage and motivate their team members more effectively.

I was particularly please that many of the delegates commented on your style of training and found this to be both engaging and thought provoking.

I will certainly be in touch with you regarding future training and development for our staff.

Yours sincerely

Hayley - HR Manager


Paul - Lead Engineer - Multinational Train operator

Management Coaching for Paul

Dear Andrew

Thank you for the time you have spent with me over the last 12 months, helping me to develop my own personal skills and helping me to effectively use my management potential. As a direct result of your coaching sessions I have been able to :

  • Identify my own personal strengths and focus on their development to my advantage rather than trying to correct weaknesses, and effectively manage my time, enabling me to spend quality time with my team members and successfully manage them.
  • Identify and successfully tackle team issues such as : managing poor performance and poor attitude, setting unpopular team objectives, (which were subsequently delivered), and re-writing job descriptions to best meet project needs.
  •  Arrange and lead a two day workshop with my team of 6 direct reports, (which you facilitated), enabling my team to begin to build relationships and work together.

As a direct result of my coaching sessions with you, and your support through my successful experiences at work, I have realised that I am no longer satisfied with my ncurrent position, and have discovered a passion for managing, which I had never previously recognised, and I am now very keen to move my career on to a higher level. Thank you for unlocking this potential in me – I will let you know where it leads me !

Yours sincerely

Paul - Lead Engineer


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