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Nikki - Managing Director - Corporate development Consultant

Hi Andrew,

During the past year, Andrew has fulfilled many roles in my life:  my mentor, sounding board, trusted confidante, motivator, valued expert, coach and trainer.  Andrew has been at my side through redundancy, setting up my own company, academic qualifications and overcoming personal challenges.  Throughout, his insight has been invaluable in helping me to see the wood for the trees and enabling me to find the positive learning points in every situation.

Gently challenging me, when necessary, he has helped me to become more open minded and creative in finding the right solutions (which weren't necessarily what I first thought of).  I'm far more self aware now and that helps me to recognise when I need to take a different approach to something.

I look back to the stressed finance director that I was a year or so ago and compare that person to the person I am today - a happy professional who is working in line with personal values, doing what I am meant to be doing.  It has been a deeply rewarding journey and a great deal of what I have achieved has been down to Andrew's input.  I shall miss our fortnightly sessions but feel that Andrew has equipped me well to continue to build on the progress made so far.


Managing Director


Paul - Chief Executive - National Charity.

To whom it may concern,

Andrew Jenkins has been working with my senior management team for a number of months. The team had been through a radical restructure, and Andrew was able to offer professional advice in taking them through a big period of change.

Andrew developed a very specific package of executive coaching for us reflecting our needs as a 'Third Sector' organisation. These involved one-to-one sessions with the Senior Team Managers and myself. These included understanding the motivations and strengths of the individuals and how these could be further developed.

The results of the coaching sessions have been successful and has helped the management team deal positively with some chllenges, both personally and within our growing charity.

I found Andrew to be very supportive, discreet and professional regarding the one-to-one sessions. He has an excellent understanding of our work and achieved the necessary outcomes for the sessions involved.

His unique style of delivering the sessions was just right for the charity. I am happy to recommend Andrew Jenkins to any organisation that is prepared to develop and grow its staff team.

Yours faithfully

Paul - Chief Executive


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