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Suzanne - Headteacher - Thomas Alleyne's High School - Uttoxeter.

To whom it may concern,

I had 5 coaching sessions with Andrew Jenkins during my first year as Headteacher of a large secondary school. The sessions spanned about 6 months and helped me develop confidence and belief in my ability to lead the school. From the sessions I developed the ability to stand back and evaluate my actions, progress and successes and to focus on things that had gone well instead of what we tried to do, focus on things that didn't go so well.

As I grew in confidence I was able to take on major school improvement and modifications and lead my senior team to believe that, as a team working together, we could bring about changes that were required.

The sessions stimulated a lot of reflection and through the emotionally intelligent approach, I was able to see things not only from my own perspective but also from that of other colleagues. I intend to follow this up with an emotionally intelligent course next term.

I do feel stronger and more confident as a result of the sessions. I have laid all my old ghosts to rest and welcome new challenges.


Thomas Alleyne's High School Uttoxeter.


Phil Buying & Purchasing Manager

Why use PDX?

My answer to this is don’t underestimate what can be achieved!

After I had completed the 4 sessions, I found new and inspired ways of thinking and using very (for me) emotional exercises to drag you from being someone who needs to wake up to someone who has not only woken up, but is ready to run.

Not only that, but I have changed too as a person. I feel more confident, assured, and able to assert myself in ways I never thought I could previously.

So don’t under estimate what can be achieved, be open to new ways…and when the journey is complete, you will be glad you made it.

Phil Clark - Buying & Purchasing Manager


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