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Leon - Vice President - fleet centre - Holland & Belgium - major energy company

Hello, my name is Leon, and I am leading the local fleet of power stations in Holland and Belgium, in a new organisation formed in July 2010.

Over the last two days 16 of my key management team, made a good start together during our team away function, facilitated by Andrew.We began to make clear what was unclear.  We also began to learn and understand the issues we fleshed out together. We have also established more trust and openness.  In addition we started to see more clearly what our added value could be.

The facilitation was great.  It was perfect for me to think and reflect on what emerged.  We collected lots of information and actions to work through.  You supported me and the group very well.  And what you did very well was to allow the team to be open and to help people to say what they thought.


Chris - Technical Director - large Mobile Telecommunications organisation

Andrew worked with myself and my 9 senior managers over a period of 9 months (with later subsequent engagements too).

The coaching outcomes resulted in our business being able to successfully take on new products and services.  We did this by re-aligning our SMT to this objective.

Through the coaching I realised that my strengths were better suited to technical innovation, rather than operational day to day responsibilities that I had when I started to work with Andrew.  I therefore was able to shift my role to become the technical director of the organisation.  Through the coaching programme we also were able to promote my then General Manager to service director, and he in turn with Andrew, identified 2 other new managers that were promoted.

This SMT reshuffle meant that the technical solutions team I ended up leading increased turn over from £800k to over £8m - a significant benefit that worked very well indeed!

Andrew's own personal style was charismatic, and very engaging and he brought energy, drive and enthusiasm to our business.

Having met Andrew I now realise that running a successful business is not just about the mechanics and processes, but about drive, desire and aligning the people to be at their best.


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Authority guide to developing performance teams available on Amazon
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