The 6 Elements for Success...

Posted on: Monday 12, September 2016

A common question asked is…

What is success?

Defining it seems elusive and complex because success is multi-dimensional in nature… 

However, success breaks down into a 6 elements, falling into two main categories of practical and psychological...

In preparation for Rio Olympics, Britain’s cycling team had a ‘Room X’ - top secret science behind GB cycling heroes’ podium domination.

The team deployed multiple small incremental improvements around all 6 elements known as ‘marginal gains’. For example all athletes relentlessly competed, they used the best technology and equipment and the very best nutrition too.

Psychologically each athlete was at their best, they believed in themselves, each other, and were determined. These culminated into Rio’s winning formula. Also one person’s medal success boosted the whole team’s motivation.

The GB cycling team culture was geared around belief, being the very best as a team, and being focused on a core purpose and reason – Team GB podium success.


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