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Planning the future is an essential leadership activity. This requires an effective process to help teams plan ahead as well as ensuring that they are in the right frame of mind. Together, you will need to consider and debate all the different consequences that might impact the business.
These are examples of typical planning topics:

  • Envisioning the future
  • How to achieve big goals and ambitious targets
  • Organisational restructures and changes
  • Buyouts, mergers and acquisitions
  • Exploring new markets
  • Understanding the changing external landscape
  • Competing against other organisations
  • How to deal with critical company issues 
  • Appreciating how change will affect the company culture and its people

I have developed a creative process called The Big Think! for strategic planning. It also forms part of the regular activities required for high performing teams.

See downloads below to access worksheets.

For more details on creative planning and using this exercise, please purchase my book: Developing High Performance Teams on the link provided below.

The book is a toolkit to help managers, consultants, trainers and facilitators to run exceptional team development events.


The resources below are free for you to download and use for your team development event. All I ask is that you attribute it the source appropriately, please as well as the supporting text and references from my book. It is important that you honour this, please.

Please also let me know how you get on using it. I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you. 

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Emmy Yeadon

Andrew, this book is a mine of information and ideas, complimented by a very generous resources section. Wow! What a boost to the work I do with Leaders and Teams - I can\'t thank you enough. I\'m sure this will be a really successful book and of huge value to the \'game changers\' who use it.

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