The trust factor - how do you measure up

Posted on: Sunday 19, November 2017

Learning to build trust with others is the cornerstone of developing a high performance team and a winning culture.

On the other hand, an absence of trust in your team will eventually lead to serious consequences arising - destabilising your team leading to low performance.  

Done genuinely and skilfully however, trust bonds a team together.

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So how well does your team measure up?

Head over to this link to check out and download a free and easy to use team trust review assessment tool based on my latest book, 'Developing High performance Teams' (see link below) and see how well are you doing to build trust in your team.

Here's what one person commented on my website after using this tool:

Measuring trust is a great start point when we work with teams. I love the way this worksheet gives a simple but clear way to see where people are confident and where they are struggling when working together. I\'ll definitely introduce this before my team progrrammes. Thanks for sharing such a great resource Andrew.


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Fantastic, Andrew!

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