Value driven cultures boost profits

Posted on: Tuesday 14, June 2016

When people work together over time a default culture emerges setting the tone of every organisation. The question is, how can leadership teams shape great workplace cultures that make the world better?

Workplace problems and issues emerge when leadership teams don’t spend time deliberatively defining ‘their culture’.  Instead unwritten and uncontrolled cultural “tones” start creeping in. These are defined through: unsaid rules and norms, unchecked behaviours, fear based - they are very hard to detect and break. Left unresolved they lead to low performing organisations.

In contrast, high performing leadership teams take responsibility dedicating time-out to deliberately work on themselves and to purposefully define positive cultural values – the pay-off ultimately leading to boosted profits. 

Is your organisation a great place to work? Are you doing enough to optimise your workplace culture?

I’d love to help you and your team to align yourselves to your values and purposes so you can create a great profitable workplace. Please contact me for more information.

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