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Posted on: Wednesday 04, January 2017
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How would it feel if you went to work singing and at the end of the day came home again whistling? Growing into a high performance team, allows people to find joy in their work.

I recently announced that my latest book, The Authority Guide to Developing High PerformanceTeams, would be published sometime soon.

That recent news item created quite a buzz on Social Media with lots of people asking why I had chosen to write about this topic.

What was my rationale?

In short, it's a quest for organisations to recognise the importance to develop their people and teams to achieve business success.

Sadly, very few people I talk to about high performance have ever worked in a high performance team. However, those lucky ones that have speak about it with joy and delight. 

I have been fortunate enough to lead a high-performance team (HPT) and it was a privilege and an addictive experience. I still look back on that time with joy. Since then, one of my primary motivations is to help other teams achieve this too.

I often talk to people about the need to feel that their work has a purpose beyond the paycheck. That it somehow has to count and that their very best work makes a difference and that it makes the world better in some way. It is this that drives me to teach others to find purpose and joy in their work.

Happy at work, happy at home

I have always believed in the joy of work. When teams learn how grow into a high performance team, people find tremendous satisfaction in their work too. That has a positive knock-on effect in their home lives as well - their partners, families and friends all benefit.

Fulfilled and satisfied individuals at work tell me they speak more to their partners and their children when they get home at night.

Imagine for a moment:

"What if you enjoyed your work so much, that as soon as you wake up and your feet hit the floor you feel excited about the day ahead?

How would it feel if you went to work singing and at the end of the day came home again whistling?"

Learning high performance requires a process

By focusing on your people and approaches to improve teamwork is a winning formula towards achieving success. This is because it provides the ongoing motivation for your people to grow and enjoy their work.

Over time I have developed a sound teaching process to help leaders and teams get the most out of their work and achieve their very best.  Today I have a proposition that blends a mix of tried and tested tools, personal growth, developing authenticity, emotional intelligence along with a focus on business and leadership culture.

Another key to high performance is to help teams and leaders to overcome common development needs that stand in the way of achieving their goals. I often find the willingness to sort out common issues lacking in many teams.

To tackle development issues and to grow a team is about setting up the right atmosphere for people to change and learn, trust, relate and collaborate well with one another.

When teams are given the time and space to learn to do this, then magic happens!

My upcoming book

It is for these reasons that I wrote my next book, Developing High Performance Teams. In this way, I can share what I have found to be a winning team development process with a wider audience. My desire is to get these tools and techniques out there for anybody to use who is interested.

So my overriding intention is to make it easy for others to take my HPT ideas and expertise and a make them their own and run with them. Hence me writing this book.

So, are you making the most of the greatest asset in your business?

To make your good business a great business I believe is more than just a having a strong product or service and robust processes. Having a high-performing team in your organisation is guaranteed to give you a sustained competitive advantage. 

Share not hoard

Those of you who have already worked with me know that I have a strong commitment to reciprocity: 

"When you give from a place of not taking, people will want to give back." (Mark Schaefer – Author and expert on Digital Marketing).

That means that I would love to get a return flow of insights and ideas from anyone who uses any of the exercises in my upcoming book.

For me, a great outcome would be where experts stop hoarding personal information and share it instead. That way the sum of knowledge increases by people collaborating and sharing on the quest to develop high performing teams.

Why do this? 

Because I believe that we will all benefit. 

Whether you are a leader, business executive, owner or entrepreneur we can all make the world better. We can all collectively make a difference to our organisations through exceptional teamwork. One small nudge at a time.

To get a sense of the book’s content why not have a read of a few of my recent blog posts, 'Bitten by the unwritten', “High Performing Teams – Fact or Fantasy?” and “The Trust Factor – Important of Not?” They will give you an insight into my approach to this exciting topic.

Quick Cheeky Peek

The book is due for publication on 17 July 2017. Here's an extract from the blurb:

Andrew Jenkins helps you discover how to cultivate in your people the willingness to grow as individuals and as a group. Packed with easy-to-follow activities, exercises and models this Authority Guide explains how to build a high performing, collaborative, trusting and resilient team. 

The new book is designed to be a toolkit for managers, consultants, trainers and facilitators.

The content can be mixed and matched to suit any team’s needs. The key to the book is that I have made it straight forward enough so that people have the freedom and confidence to pick it up, try it and give it a go.


If you would like to discuss how to transform your own team then please contact me today. Call 07795 182 860 or email andrew@pdx-consulting.com and let’s set up an appointment.

I deliver practical 1, 2, 4 or 6-day (2 days per quarter) high-performance training programmes and one-to-one coaching to teach leaders, managers, and teams these skills. 

For soft skills, development programmes, training, NLP for business, coaching, workshops and team building days for leaders, managers and teams, please contact me.

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